Rideau Sports Centre is pleased to announce its acceptance into Tennis Canada’s U15 Team Canada Club Support Program. This recognition highlights our commitment to tennis excellence and aligns with our focus on developing skilled athletes and individuals of character.

Tennis Canada’s program was shaped through a thorough process involving feedback from coaches, clubs, and academies nationwide. The creation of a Whole Player Development Pathway (WPDP), with pillars such as Hosting Competition, Whole Player Development Pathway, Player Results, and Player Identification, is geared towards elevating Canadian tennis.

The primary aim of the initiative is to boost Canadian tennis globally by nurturing top-tier players and establishing a solid support system. The program acknowledges and rewards the efforts of clubs, coaches, centers, players, and academies across the country.

Acceptance into this program will help us make a lasting impact on the Canadian tennis scene, as we continue to strive journey towards becoming a Tennis Centre of Excellence. The program’s focus on player development and the creation of a support network sets the stage for a new era of tennis excellence in Canada.

The continued success of our athletes has been the driving factor of our acceptance into this program. To highlight a few of success stories from our athletes:

  • Eli Marks: U12 Ontario Champion, U12 4th place finish at Indoor National, U12 #7 National Ranking, Played the main draw of The Orange Bowl (Biggest U12 International Tournament), U14 First Year #16 National Ranking, U14 Member of U15 Prospect National Team
  • Bronwyn Duggan: Team Ontario for U12 and U14 Nationals over career, 8th in Province girls U14 Ontario summer provincials in 2023, 5 tournament wins and 3 finals just in 2023
  • Julien Gagnon: U12 Quebec Champion, U12 #5 National Ranking, U12 Member of U15 Prospect National Team, U14 First Year #13 National Ranking, U14 Member of U15 Prospect National Team
  • Sienna Manashe: Member of U12 Team Canada in 2022 who travelled to Florida to play the prestigious Orange Bowl Tournament (unofficial Junior World Championships), U12 Nationals team Ontario player 2022, 5 tournament wins and 1 final just in 2023, currently ranked 18th in Canada Girls U14.

Pierre Tafelski, our Tennis Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the milestone, stating, “We’re excited to be part of Tennis Canada’s U15 Team Canada Club Support Program. This aligns with our mission to develop skilled tennis players and individuals with strong values. We look forward to collaborating with Tennis Canada and playing a role in the growth of tennis in our nation.”