Hey tennis fans! So, let me tell you all about the epic Summer Kick-Off Party we just had. Picture this: the sun is shining (well…it tried to shine), the birds are chirping, and the courts are calling our names. It’s time to dust off those rackets and get our game faces on because we’re about to kick off the outdoor tennis season in style!

First things first, a huge shoutout to everyone who showed up despite the rain trying to rain on our parade. A quick transition into the domes and the fun continued! Rain or shine, we’re here to have a blast, am I right?

We had over 35 participants and RSC Staff gathered for an evening full of tennis round robin play, food, drinks, and social fun. We had players of all levels, from beginners just mastering their serves to seasoned pros!  It was a perfect mix of friendly competition, tasty food, and good vibes.

Let’s talk food, because no one plays on an empty stomach! Thanks to our friends at The Bridge Public House we were able to enjoy some delicious burgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, cabbage salad, Salad Jardiniere, and dessert.. And of course, killer cocktails to wash it down.

But you know what was even better than the food? The people! Laughter, smiles, and some friendly court banter made it an evening to remember.

Cheers to another epic Summer Kick-Off Party! Huge thanks to everyone who came out. Check-out some photos from the event below! Until next time, keep swinging those rackets and spreading those good vibes. Catch you on the courts! 🎾✨