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We have 4 indoor hard courts, 3 indoor multi-sport courts, 7 outdoor seasonal clay courts and 3 beach/snow tennis courts that can be booked online by the hour. No membership is required.

Outdoor Clay Courts

Courts are opened seasonally from May – October, weather dependent.

Walk-Ons: Singles: $19 per person per hour +tax or Doubles: $13 per person per hour + tax

Summer Tennis Pass

In addition to the walk-on model, we offer you the ability to purchase a summer pass which is a flat-fee for the entire outdoor season.

Booking Guidelines & Restrictions
  • 8-day advanced booking for Summer 2022 Tennis Passholders, up to 6 reservations in a set 7-day set period (Monday to Sunday).
    • Daytime Court booking (7:00am to 4:00pm) will open at 7:00am daily

    • Evening Court booking (4:00pm to 11:00pm) will open at 10:00am daily

  • Tennis lessons, programs and round robins are excluded from the maximum cap of 6 reservations per 7-day set period (Monday to Sunday).
  • Singles Tennis Bookings are limited to 1 hour maximum per reservation

  • Doubles Tennis Bookings are limited to 1.5 hours maximum per reservation

  • Unlimited 1-day advanced booking (excluded from the maximum cap of 6 reservations).

  • No consecutive reservations allowed, unless same day availability.


Category Pricing Special Notes
Adult $775 Anyone turning 19 in 2022
Student $435 Must provide proof of valid student id with
expiry no later
than May 1, 2022
Couple $1,475 2 Adults living at the same address 
Family $1,935 2 Adults and 1 or more child living at the same address 
Junior  $400  Anyone turning 18 or younger in 2022 


  Passholder Walk-on
Court Reservations (online or in person)  8 days in advance  3 days in advance 
Clay Court Fees  Free

Singles: $19 per person  per hour

Doubles: $13 per person per hour 

Indoor Hard Court Reservations 

50% off  ($12.50/hour)

* Pricing applies May to Sept 

Regular price $25 per hour

* Pricing applies May to Sept 

Ladders   25% discount  $50 per summer 
Pool Pass  Included  Regular price 
RSC Tennis Programs 

25% discount

(Except Junior High Performance) 

Regular Price  
Round Robins  Free $14 per person per hour
Check-in Policy:

Programs: Program location will be outlined in a welcome email. Go directly to the location and the coach will take weekly attendance. All programs are subject to HST.

Tennis lessons: All participants in Lessons must check in at the front desk prior to their lesson. A reminder that your Credit Card must be saved in our system in order to take a lesson with us as of May 1st. All Lessons are subject to HST.

Tennis Court Bookings: It is MANDATORY that all tennis players must check in at the Front Desk Indoors or Check-in Cabin, prior to their court booking. Payment must be made for all players prior to the booking. All Court Bookings are subject to HST.

Click HERE to view our Tennis Policies & Procedures.

Indoor Tennis Courts

Available year round on our Hard Court surface

Winter $50 + tax per hour per court. Summer $25 + tax per hour per court.

Multi-Sport Courts

$42 per hour + tax.

Beach/Snow Courts

$30 + tax per hour

Beach Tennis is a rapidly growing sport with a bold aim: to become the leading beach sport for professionals and junior athletes worldwide!

Beach Tennis offers a highly aerobic cardio workout with low impact to the knees and joints because it is played on sand on one of our 3 beach volleyball courts. The sport preserves most of the rules and scoring of traditional tennis, though modifications have been made to adapt to movement around the sand court and faster pace of the game.

The fun doesn’t need to stop just because the sand turns to snow! We offer Snow Tennis in the winter months and it is a great way to stay fit and keep your tennis skills sharp!

The Cost & How to Book
  • Courts are available by the hour for $30. This includes ALL equipment as the paddles and balls are different from regular tennis.
  • Once logged in, select “Reserve a Court” and then select “Volleyball”
The Basics
  • It is very similar to tennis, but it does not incorporate the bounce between hits like you see on a hard court
  • It does not require a high level of technique. Players who have never held a racquet in their life can soon play confidently, while more experienced tennis players can use the sport to keep their skills honed.
  • It is played on our beach volleyball courts. The net is lower than a volleyball net and higher than a tennis net
Who is Playing?
  • People of all ages! We’ve had hockey teams come out and play when indoor activities were stopped, retirees, couples, friends, families … it is a great way to get outside and have fun!
  • Corporate teams have come to play. With most people working from home, it is a safe way to have a team building activity and reconnect with coworkers