A personalized fitness option for you at a lower cost. 


We are excited to introduce Small Group Training to RSC! 

Small group training consists of a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 5 who will train with a either a Personal Trainer, Fitness instructor or Yoga instructor. 

A minimum purchase of 10 sessions is required. 


How it works: 

  1. You can put together a group of friends and create your own small group, inquire on your own or choose from one of our specialty Small Group Specialty Classes as an individual. These classes run in a set schedule every 5 weeks. Visit our website to learn more about these specialty classes. 


  1. Contact our Fitness and Yoga Manger, Bernardo 

(bernardo@rideausportscentre.com) and let us know what kind of training you are looking for so we can match you with the right instructor. If there is someone specific you prefer to work with, please specify in your email and we will do our best to make that happen. Once we have received your request, Bernardo will follow up within 48 hours to get you started! 

Please visit our website at www.rideausportscentre.com for more information. 


Perk Alert! 

For every 10 sessions each member of your group receives a complimentary 1 month pass to the gym! We do this to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.