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Wellness Centre

Welcome to our Wellness Centre. Please see below for more information about our Therapists and information for booking directly with them. 

Masks must be worn during all treatments and when inside the building. 

Payment options are e-transfer (preferred), cash or cheque. 

Mackenzie Sherriff-Clayton, RMT

Originally from Newmarket, Ontario, Mackenzie began working in Ottawa in 2017 after graduating with honours from the Massage Therapy program at Georgian College. For 15 years, Mackenzie competed as an elite-level figure skater through Skate Canada, training 25-30 hours per week. She has a background in dance, fitness, strength training and yoga as well as mental strategies, tactics and goal setting. Skating began a lifelong interest in fitness, sports and therapy. Her interest in massage therapy and rehabilitation began from the various injuries sustained during her training and the desire to ease others’ transition back to sport and their daily lives.

Shortly after beginning to work as a massage therapist, Mackenzie started to explore craniosacral therapy (CST) studying under Gary Keeling through Craniosacral Therapy Alliance. CST is a very gentle manual technique designed to boost the function of the central nervous system and is often used to treat concussions, migraines/headaches, TMJ dysfunctions, digestive conditions, central nervous system disorders as well as many others. This type of treatment helps to locate an area of restriction more directly and to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.

During treatments, Mackenzie uses a variety of light and deep techniques, including myofascial, trigger point, Swedish, CST and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) to find the most efficient way to induce positive change whether it be from an injury, muscle/postural imbalance or the stresses of everyday life on the body.

Outside of work, Mackenzie loves the vibrant and active lifestyle Ottawa offers and you can find her exploring and hiking outdoors, practicing yoga, and depending on the season, either skating on the canal or reading a book under a tree alongside it!

If you have any questions or you would like to schedule an appointment please contact Mackenzie at or follow the link to book through our online system.

Krista Eisner, RMT

Krista is currently only accepting infants as new clients 

Contact: OR

Over 16 years of practice as a registered massage therapist has taught me that our bodies hold more of the answers to our healing than we may think.  If we take the time to listen to the body as a whole, it will often show us exactly what it needs.

My treatment style has become a well integrated blend of myofascial and craniosacral assessments and techniques that often include some form of visualization, breathing or body awareness exercise. Becoming aware of and attuned to our bodies is an important step to opening communication with the tissues and providing the opportunity for growth and change.

I am passionate about helping people achieve and even exceed their personal health goals. Whether that’s through working with me alone or by collaborating with complementary professionals in the community. Expect homework – your results will reflect your commitment to self care. My goal is to provide you with the tools you need to help maintain a healthy and pain free state of being. That means something different for everyone as our bodies, patterns and life experiences are all different. Each person needs a plan that is unique for their body.

My practice includes men, women and children of all ages, but I have a special interest in working with infants and mothers surrounding pregnancy.  After many years unraveling lifelong compounded tensions and traumas in adults, I am inspired to help babies get the best start to life possible.

I spent 12 rewarding years owning and operating a busy downtown wellness centre while providing mentorship to newer therapists. After having 2 children, I have recently chosen a slower life pace that allows for walks to work along the river and more time with my young family. Come visit me at my new office at the Rideau Sports Centre!

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