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Beach Tennis offers a highly aerobic cardio workout with low impact to the knees and joints because it is played on sand on one of our 3 beach volleyball courts. The sport preserves most of the rules and scoring of traditional tennis, though modifications have been made to adapt to movement around the sand court and faster pace of the game. Easy to learn but difficult to master – perfect for all ages and levels.

The fun doesn’t need to stop just because the sand turns to snow! We offer Snow Tennis in the winter months and it is a great way to stay fit and keep your tennis skills sharp!

No membership is required.
How to play Beach/Snow Tennis at RSC

1. Rent a Court ($30 per hour)

2. Join a League (via OSSC)

Checking in: We ask that the “booking lead” arrives 10 minutes early and checks in at the front desk. No need for other participants to check in.

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