HI RSC & The Bridge Public House Clients,

We will be closing at 2pm today (Friday, December 23), due to the flash freeze warning for the safety of our staff and clients.

Those who have courts & classes booked AFTER 2pm today will automatically receive a credit to your account.

If you have a booking BEFORE 2pm, and feel nervous about driving/walking, then please call the RSC Front Desk (613) 749-6126 before your court booking/class, and you will receive a credit to your account (without cancellation penalty, as an exception to our cancellation policy).

If you are looking to book Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer court BEFORE 2pm today, there is still some availability …. Visit our website https://www.rideausportscentre.com  to book!

We will be open tomorrow (Saturday, December 24) 7am to 12pm, and look forward to seeing you then!

Stay safe, happy holidays, and thank you for your ongoing support of RSC & The Bridge.