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Tennis Ladders


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Singles Ladders

Our singles ladder is an excellent opportunity to improve your game and expand your social network within RSC.  Players will be matched with other players of similar skill levels.  Ladder participants can be RSC Summer Tennis Pass Holders and Tennis Walk-On clients.   The ladder program is gender neutral…both men and women are encouraged to join and you will be ranked according to skill level. 

$37.50 for Summer Pass Holders

$50 for Walk-On’s  (*Plus HST)

The June Ladder begins on Tuesday, June 1st and the deadline to register is Monday, May 31st Click HERE  to register, and read on for further details. 



Joining The Ladder 

You can join the Ladder at any time, but new entrants will only begin play at the beginning of the following month, so be sure to sign up before the end of the previous month to ensure that you will be included. When you do begin play, you will be placed on the Ladder in a box with other players of similar skill level. You will not be placed at the bottom of the Ladder. The point of a Tennis Ladder is to give everyone competitive matches and placing new players according to playing level will ensure this. Monthly ladders will be capped at 150 players. 

Ladder Season Duration:  June through September 



New Ladder “Boxes” Published Monthly   

New ladders are published on the first day of each month (June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1).  Be sure to sign up before the end of the month to be included in next month’s ladder.  For example, to be included in the June ladder, you must sign up no later than May 31st. 



Booking A Match   

After registering, you will be placed in a box with other players of similar skill.  To arrange a match, you can call anyone in your current box.  A list of all box participants can be found in the system online.  Be sure to arrange a time to play when there are no conflicting club programs (i.e. Round Robins, junior programs).  Weekends from 5-10pm often have courts available. 

 Once you have arranged a match be sure to book a court. 



Playing Matches 

 If a match has been set up and a player does not show up or cancels within 24 hours before the match was to have taken place, the offending player loses by Default. The player who defaults is awarded ZERO points. The “Winner” of the match is awarded 3 points, a “Tie” is awarded 2 points and a “Loss” is awarded 1 point.  The players are responsible for bringing at least three tennis balls to the match. Additionally, both players must supply their own tennis equipment (racquet, tennis shoes, water, etc.). If inclement weather does not permit a match to be played, you need to play the rescheduled and re-book the match at your convenience. 

Record Your Score: The winner of each match is responsible for recording the final score of games online.   




  • Anyone can call anyone else that is in your current Box, to arrange a match. 
  • Once you have arranged a match with someone, make sure to book a court.  
  • You can warm up for 5 minutes per match before starting the game. 
  • Players will spin a racquet or flip a coin to determine the initial serve or side of the court. 
  • You are only to play each person in your box once and record that score, however we encourage players to make connections and become tennis friends for the summer and winter months! 



Ladder matches are 8 Game Pro Sets with a 7-point tiebreaker played if the score is 7-7.  After the match, the winner is responsible for recording the final game score online . 



Movement on the Ladder 

At the end of each month, the Ladder will be adjusted by the Head Pro. Remember that the point of the Tennis Ladder is to play competitively against people of your own playing level. It is not about winning trophies (and in this case there are none). It is about fun, competition & meeting new people of similar playing level.

Point totals, as of the end of the previous month, will be posted online so you can keep an eye on where your competitors are ranked! 



Tennis Etiquette 

All players are expected to maintain a courteous and respectful behavior before, during, and after the matches. That includes good sense in calling the shots (in or out) and keeping score of the game.

Try to play with the mindset of “improving my game” instead of only “wining the match”. Remember that all players are equal players at RSC, and as such, share the same spaces and events as you. Therefore, keeping a positive attitude is essential to keep RSC an excellent place to make friends and practice tennis. 

We look forward to seeing you on the courts this summer! 


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