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Outdoor Tennis Courts


We offer a Tennis Pass Holder & Walk-On Model, which has been used by tennis clubs in Florida for 20+ years. This model involves a flat fee for Pass Holders for the season and per-use court fee for Walk-Ons. See special offers and consult the table below for more information.


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Early Bird Summer 2022 Pass Pricing

*Early Bird Pricing Deadline: Sunday November 7th, 2021*



Booking Guidelines & Restrictions

  • Court booking will open at 10:00am daily
  • 8-Day advanced booking up to 6 reservations in a set 7-day period
    • Doubles Bookings are limited to 1.5hrs maximum per reservation
    • Singles Bookings are limited to 1hr maximum per reservation
    • No consecutive reservations allowed
  • Tennis lessons, programs and round robins are excluded from the maximum cap of 6 reservations per 7-day period.
  • Unlimited 1-day advanced booking (excluded from the maximum cap)

Pass Holders




  Pass Holders  Walk-Ons 
Clay Court Reservations (online or in person)  8 days in advance  3 days in advance 
Clay Court Fees  FREE  $19 per person per hour for Singles 
$13 per person per hour for doubles 
Indoor Hard Court Reservations – 4 courts   50% Off ($12.50 / hour)  *Pricing Applies May to Sept* Regular price ($25 / hour) *Pricing Applies May to Sept*
Access to Ladders  (one-time fee for the summer)  25% discount  Regular price ($50) 
Pool Pass  Included  Regular price 
RSC Tennis Programs (except Junior High Performance)  25% discount  Regular price 
Round Robins  FREE  $14 per person 
Indoor Winter 2022/23 Season  Advanced Access  No advanced access 


Summer Tennis Facilities 

7 Outdoor Clay Courts, dedicated to Pass Holder and Walk-On Usage including:

Self-Sweeping: For better court quality, we are implementing self-sweeping of the courts, asking players to sweep the courts before they play. This is a model used by European tennis clubs, and which the Rideau Sports Centre used last year with excellent feedback.

NEW LED Lights on the Outdoor Tennis Courts: RSC invested in NEW state-of-the-art LED Lighting on the Outdoor Clay Courts. We wanted our Outdoor Tennis Lighting to be as high quality as our Indoor Tennis Lighting! It’ll now be worth your while to play into the evening hours. Best tennis lighting in the city!

4 Indoor Hard Courts, dedicated to RSC Programming including:

As the tennis dome remains up year-round, these courts will be available to rent for Walk-Ons and Pass Holders.

The pass holder / walk-on model has wonderful reviews, and provided the following benefits:

  • Sense of membership, and walk-ons bring new people
  • Important infrastructure and “glue” of a tennis community
  • Advance reservation system (instead of waiting onsite for a court to become available)
  • Meet new players through round robins, ladders, skills clinics
  • Flexibility tailored to lifestyle
  • Play with anyone you like as many times as you wish, no guest pass quantity restrictions
  • Incredible team of Tennis Pros

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