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RSC Personal training 

Get into your your fintness routine in our new outdoor gym facility with our team of friendly and professional personal trainers. 






Introducing RSC’s Personal Trainers!


Get into your fitness routine in our new outdoor gym facility with our team of friendly and professional personal trainers. Our certified trainers work with all ages.

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Read below to learn more about our new personal trainers. Set up your personal training session by reaching out to the trainers via email.



Meet Bernardo Barajas


Bernardo is our Fitness Centre Lead and Personal Trainer, he has a multicultural background, an energetic disposition, and a friendly character. He is certified MovNat trainer lvl 2, YMCA Personal Trainer, Pre and Post-natal fitness specialist, Adaptive Fitness Specialist (Disabilities) and have years of experience in different Martial Arts (Kung-fu, TKD, Karate, Aikido, Capoeira). As an outdoor enthusiast he has worked as a rescue scuba diver, an outdoor adventure guide, and worked at Vertical Reality Rock Climbing gym.


He sees physical training as a journey of self- discovery that always leads to a balanced mind-body-spirit interaction and a healthy lifestyle with emphasis on quality of movement and functional strength. For him, exercising should never be a chore or a dull task, but rather an exciting part of your day that you are looking forward to.


He offers his services and expertise in English, Spanish and French. Book your session by emailing Bernardo at:


Meet Tara McDougall


Tara is a full of life kind of person that has been in the fitness and sports arena for a while. She was a competitive skater to the Senior National level and has been teaching figure skating at the Minto Skating Club for over 28 years, working with skaters from grassroots to the Provincial and National levels.

As a person she had her own goals (weight loss, energy, balance in life and overall well-being) that led her, 15 years ago, into her own journey to become a Personal Trainer; She has been moving forward and growing her knowledge and skills and never looked back. Tara has successfully managed to intertwine her skating coach skills with her Personal Trainer career. She has been a personal trainer for 10 strong years working with skaters off-ice time, imparting training seminars and has worked at the Ottawa Athletic Club with clients of all fitness levels and ages.

Besides one on one training, Tara teaches a variety of class formats, from TRX classes to Bootcamps she will keep you moving and motivated. Tara enjoys helping others achieve their personal goals, build confidence and to simply feel good about themselves so that they can succeed in their own personal growth.

For Tara It is not just about teaching or coaching, it is about motivating and being part of each other’s journeys.

Book your session by emailing Tara at:



Meet Kevin Ogilvie


Kevin completed a 2 year Fitness and Health Promotion program at Algonquin College and is a certified Personal Trainer with CanFit Pro. Kevin has done multiple Co-op placements at gyms which provided him experience working in a gym setting. He has been involved with many sports though out my life such as hockey, football, basketball, running, etc and enjoys playing tennis.

When Kevin was young, he struggled with his weight even though he was actively involved in sports. When he was a teenager Kevin joined a local fitness centre and that is where his passion for fitness began. Being involved in a gym helped him lose weight and feel better about myself and Kevin has never looked back.

Kevin’s goal is to provide that experience for his clients whether it be losing weight, becoming more toned, adding muscle, enabling them to be perform better at sports or just to feel better about themselves.

Book a session with Kevin by emailing:


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