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Fitness Classes

RSC Fitness Studio is committed to your wellbeing.  We will help you achieve your goals of living a healthier and better life.


Drop-In Fitness Class: $20 Monthly

Fitness Pass: $80 (includes unlimited fitness classes + unlimited gym access indoor and outdoor) 



Drop-In Gym Workout: $15 (indoor or outdoor) 

Monthly Gym Pass: $60 (includes unlimited Gym access indoor or outdoor) 


Find your fitness with our *brand new* outdoor gym.

From Resistance Band workouts to HIIT training to Nordic Walking, our team of professional Fitness Instructors will get you moving in our brand new Outdoor Facility.  Look at our list below to see our list of classes. Aqua-fitness now available.

Below, you’ll find 3 areas of focus and classes through RSC Fitness.



Interval Training fusing strength exercises with cardio segments. Quick and efficient way to work muscle toning along with heart health.

Days- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Cardio & Strength

Efficient way to weight control and overall fitness at a lower intensity. For people looking to improve their cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Days- Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


Cardio Interval Training fused with some muscle endurance segments. For people looking to improve their cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Days- Wednesday and Friday


Calisthenics in Motion

A class that focuses on physical adaptability using all of the motor skills that the human body is capable of. A great way to increase range of motion, flexibility working also on soft tissue adaptability and fitness.

Days- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Body Weight Strength

A focused class on different ways to increase strength using only bodyweight exercises.

Days- Wednesdays

Mastering the Core-Glue Connection

A focused class on strength and development of the connection of glutes and core .

Days- Tuesday and Thursday

Preventive-Self and Care-Vitality

Natural Mobility (calisthenics lvl1)

A class that focuses on creating a sharper body awareness and mobility to expand our years of independence. For people looking to prevent falling and maintaining a healthy range of motion to increase vitality and years of independence.

Days- Tuesday and Thursday

Nordic Walking

A combination of briskly paced walks with strength exercises targeted with a variety of poling action and the use of equipment. This class is for people who are interested in developing better body awareness in motion to prevent falling, improve range of motion.

Days- Wednesdays


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