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Fitness at RSC

RSC Fitness Centre offers daily Outdoor Fitness Classes and an Outdoor Gym.  The Fitness Classes offer a range of options for all levels and interests with certified trainers who will help improve your strength and cardio. Personal Training can be booked with certified RSC Trainers in the Outdoor Gym, and drop in registration will be available for those who wish to train on their own. 

INDOOR and Outdoor gym

RSC’s Outdoor Gym offers pull up bars, fingerboards, plyo boxes, kettlebells, sand bags, slam bags, battle ropes, dip station and other functional gear to enhance your flexibility, agility and strength. The indoor gym includes: treadmills, indoor bikes, bench press and much more!


Fitness Classes

Stay in shape and build strength either in person at RSC’s Outdoor Fitness Centre. Indoor Fitness classes also available. 

Personal Training

Work 1-on-1 with a professional to achieve your goals in our new Outdoor Gym! Indoor Personal training also available.