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This afternoon we have been in close contact with the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health. Our announcement below is in alignment with the City of Ottawa’s approach.

Sport Facility numbers remain the same with 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors. That said, there has been some impact on certain areas of our business.

What is Still Open at RSC? 

Tennis: Outdoor and Indoor Tennis Court rentals (including indoor block booking), Tennis Programs (Adults and Children). Click here!

Yoga: Outdoor Yoga Classes (under our Heated and Covered Patio). Click here!
Coming soon: Online Yoga Classes.

Fitness: Outdoor Personal Training and Outdoor Fitness Classes (under our Heated and Covered Patio). Click here! 

Beach Volleyball: Court rentals. Click here!

Multi-Sport Dome: Court rentals (volleyball, basketball, soccer) for Skills & Drills sessions and Children’s Programs. Click here!

Restaurant (The Bridge Public House): Outdoor Patio & Bar (Heated and Covered), Private Fire Pits, Small Events (10 indoor, 25 outdoor), Take-Out Food. Click here!

What is now Closed at RSC?

Indoor Fitness, Indoor Yoga, Indoor Restaurant.

We are fortunate to have 4-acres of space; 2 x 22,000 square foot domes, and Heated and Covered restaurant/yoga/fitness patios to keep you safe and active this Fall. We kept you safe all Summer, and we will keep you safe all Fall/Winter!

Click here to stay up to date on our COVID-19 policies.

Stay tuned for more creative pivots to come…

Happy Thanksgiving!